AP Budget 2018 – Highlights Of Andhra Pradesh Budget 2018-19

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AP Budget 2018 – Highlights Of Andhra Pradesh Budget 2018-19

The budget is Rs 1,91,063.61 crore : AP Budget 2018


The Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced a budget of Rs.1,91,063.61 crore in the financial year 2018-19. Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishna is making a budget speech in the Legislative Assembly. The state does not help to rebuild the income and the loss of capital in the division of the state has been damaged. There are problems for the state that is partially divided

It has been further complicated by the timely assistance from the Center. We are beginning to crash into crisis. If the center does not show indifference, it is possible that further growth and growth will be possible.

We have to strive for the implementation of the guarantees until we are equal to other states. The national average growth in three years is 7.30 percent compared to the state’s double-digit growth. He said that the state is moving towards the development of confidence from disillusionment and confidence

AP Budget 2018 appearance

* Total Budget amounted to Rs. 1,1,1,063.61 crore

* Revenue expenditure of Rs 1,50,270.99 crore

* Capital expenditure is Rs 28,678.49 crore

* 21.70 percent increase in budget in the past

ఏపి బడ్జెట్-ఆర్థిక మంత్రి ప్రసంగం

AP Budget 2018 allocations

* Agriculture sector is estimated at Rs 12,352 crore. 35.91 percent compared to the previous one

* Rs 16,978.23 crore for irrigation sector. 32.95 percent compared to the previous one

* Rs. 20,815 crores for rural development.

* Rs 5,052.54 crore for the fuel sector

* 3,074.87 crores to the Department of Industries

* Rs. 4,653 crores for transportation department

* 3,679 crores for Housing Development Department

* Rs 56,113.17 crores for general services

* Rs 9,000 crore for Polavaram project

* Farmer’s loan amount of Rs. 4,100 crores

* Rs 24,185.75 crore for the education sector. In comparison, the previous year was 18.65 percent

* Rs 1,635.44 crore for Sports and Youth Services Department 62.7 percent compared to the previous one

* Rs 818.02 crores for technical education

* Rs.94.98 crore for art and culture

* Information and Public Relations Department has Rs. 224.81 crores

* Rs 902.19 crores for labor and employment

* Rs 4,477 crores for Welfare of Backward Classes

* BCC welfare of Rs 12,200 crores

* Rs.1,000 crores for Kapoor Welfare

* Rs 30 crore for the welfare of the Medals

* Rs.30 crores for Nayi Brahmins

* Rs 30 crores for the welfare of VHS

* Rs 70 crores for welfare workers

* Rs. 750 crores for Handcrafts..

* Rs.250 crores under Janata garment scheme to promote handlooms

AP Budget 2018 allocations

* Rs 200 crores for Janata garment delivery

* Rs 100 crore for SCs and Rs 100 crore for BC under Chandranna wedding reception

* 3,029 crores for social security

* Rs 700 crore for teaching fees for economically disadvantaged students

* Rs.500 crore for Kapu social students

* Rs 6,226 crores for the home department

* Rs.290 crores for the tourism department

* Rs. 2,623 crores for drinking water and sanitation

* Rs 600 crore for fiber grid

* Rs 220 crores for Med Tech Zone

* Anna Cantens for Rs 200 crore

* Rs 100 crore for startups

* Rs. 100 crore for NTR Jalasiri

* Rs. 100 crore for sanitary napkins for women in Dwarka

* Five days a week for a scheme of eggs Rs 266 crores

* Rs.360 crores for malnutrition

* Rs 20 crore for the welfare of HJR

* Rs 886 crores to the judiciary

* Rs 1,000 crore for unemployment benefit

* NTR Finances Rs 5,000 crore

* Rs. 1,000 crore for NTR health service

* Rs 1,450 crore for the charity

* Visakhapatnam-Chennai Industrial Corridor Rs 1,168 crore

* Rs.575 crores for housing and land acquisition

* Rs.20 crore for E-pragathi

* Rs100 crore for mega seed park

* Rs.60 crores for dermatological livelihood

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