Commonwealth Games 2018 – Gold coast Commonwealth Games Details

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Commonwealth Games 2018 – Gold coast Commonwealth Games Details

Commonwealth Games 2018 – Gold coast Commonwealth Games Details

India’s first gold medal in Commonwealth Games In the 48 kg women’s weightlifting division on Thursday, Mirabai bagged the chain. In the snatch, clean and jerk sections, the weight of 196 kg was lifted easily, and Mirabai received a champion of a champion.

In the first snatch, the 86kg was lifted and the clean and jerk highlighted 110 kg. Mariani weightlifter Rolya Ranaivosova grabbed a total of 170 kg, while Sri Lanka Lifter Dinsha Gomes was satisfied with the bronze medal at 155 kg

In the Snatch, Clean and Zarke Challenge, Mirabai was unable to stand out to Chan. In the three rounds (80,84 86 kg) in the snatch, the burden was lifted and Suarez finished three rounds (103, 107 and 110 kg) in the clean and jerk division. In the final round of clean and jerk, the highest weight was 110 kg.

Then the gold medalist Mirabai Chanu took into account. It is the best performance of Mirabai Chan in Clean and Zark. Previously only 109 kg was his best clean and jerk show, and it was the latest addition to the latest feat. However, in the Snatch, Clean, and Zark, division of Rolya Raniovasova and Dinsha Gomes proved to be just two rounds.

India’s weightlifter Gururaja won the silver medal in the weightlifting 56 kg category. Gururaja finished second with a weight of 249 kg in all three rounds.

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