Download Local Self Government PDF in Telugu – Gram Panchayat by Sakshi

Find & download Local Self Government PDF in Telugu  (స్థానిక స్వపరిపాలన – గ్రామ పంచాయతీ) by Sakshi Education. The PDF list all the important point of grama panchayat. Pdf comprise Evolution of grama panchayat, Local self-government features, local self-governments in Modern India, Royal commission, Balwant rai Mehta committee, Ashok Mehta committee, local self-government development programs after independence, Community Development Program (1952), National Extension Service (1953), Dantwala committee (1977 -1978), Ch.Hanumantha Rao Committee (1984), GVK Rao committee, lm Singhvi Committee (1986), 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, Local self-government in Indian Constitution, Panchayat Raj System, Grama Sabha, Grama Panchayat, Powers of Surpanch, Grama Panchayat Powers & Duties & many more.

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