S.No Online Exam package Price Details
1 Screening Package (P.R.Reddy Publications APPSC Group2 Series) Rs. 1000 Details
2 Mains Package (P.R.Reddy Publications APPSC Group2 Series) Rs. 2500 Details
3 Combo (Screening + Mains) Package (P.R.Reddy Publications APPSC Group2 Series) Rs. 3000 Details

Special Note: ఒక exam-package కు registration చేసుకున్న అభ్యర్థి, ఆ package లో అప్పటి వరకు జరిగిన examsను రాయవచ్చు. తర్వాతి పరీక్షలు మాత్రం, ఆ పరీక్ష exam-date నాడు, లేదా తర్వాతి రోజు రాయవచ్చు.(ఆ రెండు రోజులు ఆ పరీక్ష open అయి వుంటుంది).

The Process




  1. Login your vyoma user account.
  2. If you don’t have user account, you can signup


(Pay & Register)

  1. Select exam-package after or before login
  2. Pay money online
  3. You will be registered for that exam-package
  4. You can verify your registration in user zone


(Take exam)

  1. Exam will be open two days i.e. exam date and the next day
  2. You have to login at any time on these two days
  3. Come to this page, click “details” button of the exam in above table
  4. Click “start exam” button
  5. Answer the questions and submit
  6. Key of the exam, your marks will be displayed after
    completion of the exam. your rank will be displayed after
    two days. You can know them at any time after that

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